Now... do I rebuild my blog with Next.js, Tailwind, and Vercel or continue to use Gatsby and hate myself every time I have to update it?

Well after a few stressful days the breaking bug with the /kaomojis command is finally fixed! Phew.

Oh yeah, v2 is out (and has been for a while). Probably should've posted about it sooner...

Debian is my new favourite OS for servers.

Slack behaviour is broken.

Direct messaging leads to siloing of previously publicly available information and discussions.

I haven't reviewed new code outside of dependency/version updates in my favourite project since lockdown started because I happen to be working on a different one and I'm not in the private channels.

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Here's a sneak peek of one of the most requested mobile app features -- Conversation View 💬 . What do you think of the new design? Reply to this toot and give us your feedback. 🙂

The more I tinker with the more I find GitLab and GitHub infuriatingly complex and heavy. The simplicity, brutalist design, and unix-y workflow feels like a breath of fresh air.

6.1 - 6.2 upgraded without issue from apt 👌

When the company schedules an all hands on Zoom, go make some eggs instead.

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Yesterday morning during when the weather was “miserable” and gloomy I felt compelled to take a very instagram-esque photo of my workspace.

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The Government did it! They published the source code to COVIDSafe. Good on them.

tip 2: If a VM is crashing and you don't know why, keep adding RAM until the problem goes away 😂

Pro tip: When reinstalling your server, remember to enable your firewall rules to allow critical services to work BEFORE resetting literally everything else.

First end to end Slack user flow for the v2 rewrite complete. Feels like real progress now 🎉

@protonmail Thank you for supporting us nerds! This makes a huge difference to me 👌

Week 2 of has me feeling like the novelty of 100% remote work is wearing off already. Week 1 was productive and fun, now I feel like a tired sloth.

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As the COVID-19 outbreak forces most companies to collaborate remotely, more people are turning to tools like Zoom. If you’re using Zoom, you may want to be aware of these concerning privacy practices.

How to enforce a code style in your team: Install lint tool, pick widely used and supported ruleset, commit and push, never talk about it again. You have bigger problems to solve.

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